UI Designer, based in New York City. I'm focused on creating and delivering visual solutions, making design smart, equitable, and accessible. I work in Visual Design, photography, and Web Design.
Being an immigrant has allowed me to see things through a different lens. I think what I can bring to the table is very tied to my identity. I've always been drawn to the aesthetic of things, but User Experience design has shifted my focus to meet the needs of the user. 
Nourished by different cultures and the practice of visual arts, I started to get into front-end (web design) at a very young age. Years later, I took Photography classes, which led me to go to school for Graphic Design. I recently started my journey as a Web developer, being part of Year Up's Software Development Program.
This interest is directly linked to my belief, that good design should be straightforward, easy to use & navigate, and user-centered.
Eager to learn, and to work with you. I am available for hiring and collaboration.

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